Ancient Thrace: Myth And Reality
September 3-7, 2017, Kazanlak, Bulgaria


Congresses of Thracology


1st congress: Sofia (Bulgaria) 1972


2nd congress: Bucarest (Romania) 1974


3rd congress: Wien (Austria) 1980

Zu Ehren W. Tomascheks


4th congress: Rotterdam (The Netherlands) 1984

Thracians and Myceneans


5th congress: Moscau (USSR) 1988

Ethnogenesis of the Peoples of Southestern Europe. Ethnolinguistics, Cultural and Historical Interactions on the Balkans and in the Circumpontic Area


6th congress: Palma de Majorca (Spain) 1992

Europa – Indoeuropea


7th congress: Constanta – Mangalia – Tulcea (Romania) 1996

The Thracian World at the Crossroads of Civilizations


8th congress: Sofia (Bulgaria) 2000

Thrace and the Aegean


9th congress: Chișinău (Moldavia) 2004

Thracians and the Circumpontic World


10th congress: Comotini – Alexandroupolis (Greece) 2005

Thrace in the Graeco-Roman World


11th congress: Istanbul (Turkey) 2010

Thrace and the Thracians between Two Continents, 6000 B.C. – A.D. 600 г.


12th congress: Târgoviște (Romania) 2013

The Thracians and their Neighbors in the Bronze and Iron Ages